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LCAE Leadership Abroad Costa Rica

Gained extensive knowledge on Costa Rica's water management from the Asociacion Administadaora Acuerducto Carrizal. There I was given a tour of the management facilities like the spring water system, portable water distribution zone and a large greenhouse holding forest trees that would be planted in the esada or communities in Costa Rica. After the tour my group and I were lead by the Facility staff through the forest to clear unwanted plant species around the young trees to allow growth. The existing trees my group and I marked with red posts to locate them one year later for strategic planting in the surrounding communities.

Gave 4.00 hours on 06/01/2018 with The University of Texas at Austin
LCAE Leadership Abroad Costa Rica

Experienced sorting reusable materials from kinder students homes at Estados Unidos Elementary school in San Joaquin. At the elementary school I was given the opportunity to visit each classroom in the school and meet 4-5 year olds speak on what they'd learned about recycling. The teachers and administrators were passionate about educating students on recycling that when they asked their students to bring reusable materials to school to use for art projects, this act also helped to educate the parents and therefore the community on the importance of recycling. Also, Dona Daisy, a current service leader in San Joaquin partnered with the school to gather the recyclable materials and sort through them to distribute to the recycling facility in the area. I and my group assisted Dona Daisy with sorting 200 pounds of reusable material and transporting the materials into the hauling truck for further usage. With that I learned the reusable materials would be used to make school chairs and tables. Furthermore, this act of service made me aware of Dona Daisy commitment to to the environment and community. What a leader!

Gave 2.00 hours on 05/29/2018 with The University of Texas at Austin