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Be a Hero to a Child - Become a Reading Buddy
Be a Hero to a Child - Become a Reading Buddy

Today the library was especially loud and I noticed some teachers/librarians have low patience for problem children. They get down to their level and yell in their faces for them to behave instead of trying to figure out what the problem is. The library is very small and there really isn't a way to have quiet reading time with my reading buddies. I also noticed the front office could be managed better. They seem to have people switching the role of secretary and some of them give me a badge, but others don't. Today when I went in, I was not told I needed a badge and then I signed out, a different lady told me I needed to be wearing one at all times. Though I've only received a sticker badge twice since I've been going. I think this definitely needs to be addressed for security reasons.

Gave 1.50 hours on 04/17/2017 with SMC 2302 - Section D - Halderman
Be a Hero to a Child - Become a Reading Buddy

Today, I noticed my reading buddies have moved up a level and are becoming better readers. This really helps me continue to help them every Monday. I think with the extra help, they are having a better appreciation for reading and are learning quickly. I think it's amazing to see the impact I can make in someone's life just by devoting a little of my time.

Gave 1.30 hours on 04/03/2017 with SMC 2302 - Section D - Halderman
Be a Hero to a Child - Become a Reading Buddy

I noticed the staff at the school is very friendly. My kid's teacher is really friendly and she always asks me how the boys are doing and updates me on if they've moved up a reading level. Though I did notice that at the door, you have to push a button to be let in which I don't really see the point of. I can understand if I needed to show ID and state my reason for being there, but all I have to do is push a button and the secretary looks at me through the camera and then unlocks the door. I think there could be a safer way to utilize their technology.

Gave 1.50 hours on 03/27/2017 with SMC 2302 - Section D - Halderman
Be a Hero to a Child - Become a Reading Buddy

My students seemed to be happy to be back from spring break. Though they both didn't know how to answer when I asked what they were learning about in class today. The library is still a bit hard to focus in, as there are usually other classes and he library is small. One of my students does not seem to enjoy reading and is easily distracted. I have received an email from my coordinator who has given me tips to solve this issue. I will review the tips and use hem next time.

Gave 1.50 hours on 03/20/2017 with SMC 2302 - Section D - Halderman
GivePulse profile picture of Brian Halderman Brian Halderman  3 years ago
Glad to hear that your coordinator is supportive in helping you to work with the students.
Be a Hero to a Child - Become a Reading Buddy

I had a great time helping my buddies become better readers. They both seem to enjoy non-fiction books, which I think is interesting for second graders. We are able to bond and talk about how their weekend went on our way to the library and back to their classrooms, which I enjoy. I think the staff are fantastic, their teacher is always very friendly and thanks me for helping. She asks me how the boys are doing and if they are involved in discussion. I did notice, however, that the librarian always seems to be dealing with a problem student. Today she was screaming at children to behave and it was difficult to focus on our books.

Gave 1.40 hours on 03/06/2017 with SMC 2302 - Section D - Halderman
Marianist Residence of San Antonio

The organizer instructed us to sort and label clothes and shoes kept for the Marianists as well as donate outdated items. During this time some brothers would occasionally check in with us to talk, which I enjoyed. After our service was done, myself and a few others stayed for lunch and chatted with more brothers. Overall this was an interesting and positive experience and I really felt a sense of community while being able to help others.

Gave 3.00 hours on 03/04/2017 with SMC 2302 - Section D - Halderman
Be a Hero to a Child - Become a Reading Buddy

On this day, we chose our first books to start reading. I noticed that one of my students has trouble focusing when he reads. He gets distracted very easily and vocally expresses that he does not want to read anymore. I am concerned that he is possibly in the wrong reading level and maybe needs to go down a letter. My other student reads very well and understands what he is reading and is able to discuss what he thinks about it. Overall a great day, and I was able to learn more about how my reading buddies read.

Gave 1.30 hours on 02/27/2017 with SMC 2302 - Section D - Halderman
Be a Hero to a Child - Become a Reading Buddy

I met with the second graders I was assigned and learned more about them. No reading was done, though I felt like we made progress in getting to know each other. The boys were very shy at first, but soon started communicating more once I asked specific questions about their interests. I am excited to see how working with them will turn out.

Gave 1.50 hours on 02/14/2017 with SMC 2302 - Section D - Halderman