Afghan Refugee Health Promotion

Can’t find become a member
I cannot see “become a member”
where is it?
I believe that my virtus & background check are up to date. I submitted everything a couple of months ago. will I need to resubmit? Rebeca Murillo
Hi - I'm trying to complete the 3rd training module re protecting adults, but am unable to access the content. Can you help? Thanks.
Hi Stephanie, I do not remember if I completed the Vulnerable Adults Training Module. Would you please let me know if I have completed this module, or direct me where I can find out. Thanks!
I am an active CCAOSA volunteer and I believe that my virtus and background check are up to date. Will I have to resubmit all my information? Roanna Escamilla-Mayer
I have called you and gave you an update. Thank you for your interest. We hope to see you soon. — Stephanie Jaramillo Stephanie Jaramillo on September 2, 2021
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I am a current volunteer for CCAOSA and my virtus and background check are current. Do I have to submit again? My most recent volunteer was with the children at the coliseum