Student Affairs

Taylor Caudle

I am a notetaker for Organizational Reward and Compensation - I have to have my hours finalized by April, and I don't think I will have my verification letter by then, which is why I am uploading it now

Gave 50.00 hours between 02/01/2021 and 03/23/2021 with Volunteer Action Center, Alpha Omicron Pi, Center For Educational Access
Salem Jackson
Alexis Humm

I was a CEA notetaker for HIST 1113. SEC 006. (I selected no for "is this impact for course" because this history course was not an option to select).

Gave 50.00 hours between 01/26/2021 and 04/29/2021 with Alpha Omicron Pi
Annabeth Hall
Lauren Mathews
Chloe Connelly
Lizeth Martinez

It was a very rewarding and fulfilling experience to serve my peers through CEA!

Gave 50.00 hours between 01/19/2021 and 04/15/2021 with University of Arkansas, Honors College Path Program, Honors College, Academic Affairs, Arkansas Alumni Association Scholars, Arkansas Alumni Association, Volunteer Action Center
Claire Anderson

Was a note-taker for MKTG 4343.002 - SELLING/SALES MANAGEMENT (CRN: 35098)

Gave 50.00 hours between 01/18/2021 and 04/15/2021 with University of Arkansas, Alpha Omicron Pi
Kaitlyn Ates

I have been a notetaker for 2 classes.

Gave 100.00 hours between 01/18/2021 and 04/01/2021 with University of Arkansas, Kappa Delta, Panhellenic Council, Greek Life
Erin Burney

I absolutely LOVE being able to take notes for students in need of additional support. I can't imagine how much of a hinderance being unable to take notes in this class would be! Those students in need of CEA support are definitely fighters and I have never heard a complaint from any of them. Every semester, I'd say I have a 5 star experience, but for some reason I was having a lot of issues submitting my notes. I believe that my unstable internet connection had something to do with it, but I feel like that negatively effected those who depended on me, which in turn had a negative impact on me. Otherwise, I'd 10/10 be a CEA notetaker again in the Fall.

Gave 50.00 hours between 01/13/2021 and 04/26/2021 with University of Arkansas
Abigail Jackson
Kitty Adderholt
Erica Roberts
Meghan Varner
Isabella Gueno
Annjeanette Coambes