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University of Arkansas

Delaney Dymkowski
Audrey France
Samantha Warren
Haley Stanton

I served as a Team Discussion Leader at the Arkansas World Food Prize Global Youth Institute (WFPGYI) at the Don Tyson Center. This entailed evaluating and grading high school FFA students' research presentations on possible solutions to current agriculture, water, and infrastructure issues around the world. I also lead a table discussion with the students on international sustainability and agricultural issues.
Reference: Dr. Jill Rucker at

Gave 5.75 hours on 02/28/2020 with University of Arkansas
Lindsey McFadden
Haley Stanton

I helped with the University of Arkansas Placing Contest at Pauline Whitaker. My main role was moving and showing the pigs so that contestants could properly see their conformation and judge them.
Reference: Bryan Kutz at

Gave 2.50 hours on 02/28/2020 with University of Arkansas
Pieper Walton