Apple Seeds Inc.

Courtney Payne

I had a great experience with Apple Seeds' Farm Lab this morning, and I am so excited to intern with them this fall! Today we worked with first graders, who came to the farm for a nutrition focused educational field trip. They went through different stations such as nutrition and plant education, planting their own seeds, harvesting vegetables from the garden, and getting to make their own healthy snack. It was exciting to be a part of and see how much the students enjoyed it and got out of it.

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Luis Valverde Estrada

It was a great opportunity to teach kids about healthy living.

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Erin Beckman

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Davis Maulding

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Hunter Curtis
John Ray
Blair Carver

I could not find the 5/17/17 event that I participated in. This is for place of that event.

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Georgia Gazette

We got to help high school students create a homegrown culinary experience. From harvesting and weighing our fruits and vegetables to following recipes and partaking in our amazing meal, it provided an opportunity for foods these students normally don't think of to make an impression on the tastebuds! I, personally, had a great time and the strawberry salad was made to perfection!

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Kennedy Murphy

I truly enjoyed my time on the farm today, and I believe the kids did as well. I believe programs such as this have the possibility of deeply impacting and empowering kids of all ages. I noticed the kids in my group learning and engaging and working together to complete our task, and I think it instilled a level of teamwork and mutual responsibility between everybody.

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Caroline Atwell
Brittany Daniels
Regan Reinholz
Piper Johnson

love this experience!

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Marisa Villanueva

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