Refugee Resettlement Employment Program



The employment (EMP) team works to provide a welcoming atmosphere for all newcomer and resettled refugees through the promotion of community integration, advocacy, education and the forging of new pathways that lead towards a life of self-sufficiency. We service any refugees, parolees, or asylees who have been in the country for under 5 years.

We provide job readiness, job placement, and vocational trainings. We also provide a women’s empowerment class. Classes are held in person, 2 times a week.

Are you looking to make a long-term positive impact? Here at EMP, we aim to provide refugee individuals/families with the tools to become self-sufficient.

Come help us prevent generational poverty .

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Good afternoon, I have an instagram channel called @parolehelp, with more than 65,000 followers, where people from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti are helped to apply for humanitarian parole programs and how to request refuge with the cbpone app. Through truthful information and we also offer users a link where they can access a detailed guide on how to apply to each of the migration processes mentioned above. To continue with this labor, I wanted to evaluate the possibility of working with you as a volunteer in this shelter. Regards Carlos A. Ruiz
Phone: 346-5588805
Is this list of volunteer placements online?
I was looking to go to San Antonio in person.
My sent dates were from Jan.1st to Jan. 14th. Is that still possible? I still work full-time. If those dates are not good, I would have to wait until May 23. I teach at Molloy University and those dates are my winter break from school.
Sister Alexandria Wolochuk, OP
I have completed all steps, application and training, please let me know if I'm all set, Thank you