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Civic Engagement Academy

This class has been closed and is no longer open.


CourseCivic Engagement Academy - Varies,
Providing student leaders with opportunities to develop intellectual growth through meaningful and effective workshops related to service.

Goals of the CEA:
1) Develop student leadership skills through workshops and service and
2) Connect organizations with learning resources and best practices for service. ( Leadership Studies - Deliverable)
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CausesCommunity General Service
30 People | 94 Impacts | 119 Hours

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Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Team Leadership workshop this afternoon at 4:15pm in Pardee 101. If you have not yet registered, please visit:
I hope to see you all at the Civic Engagement Academy Informational Meeting starting at 4:15pm today in Oeschle room 224.

If you cannot attend and want to learn more about upcoming workshops and service opportunities, please let me know!