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LA LOOP is the creator of the original necklace for eyewear. Our community of “Loopers,” people who wear LA LOOP, share a keen sense of cultural and global engagement.

LOOPin’s mission is to empower the LA LOOP tribe to make the world a better place, one small act at a time. Through our LOOPin grants and volunteerism efforts, we quickly mobilize to support our communities when they most need it, leveraging our network and resources to make an impact however we can. Whether it’s getting technology devices to students, bringing our volunteer force to lend a hand or mobilizing our network to procure critical PPE for our heroic healthcare workers, we make communities better, together.

Our LOOPin “goodness” opportunities are ways for you to help people in your community. Explore our GivePulse page to get connected with these opportunities to do good, at home or in-person. Can’t find something you’re looking for in your community? Message us here or reach out to us at to become a LOOPin Ambassador and start a project today!

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