Refugee Youth Mentoring Program


The Youth Mentoring Program "YMP" promotes the educational enrichment, vocational advancement, and social engagement of youth and young adults between the ages of 15-24 years old.

Who we serve: San Antonio Newcomers looking for career and educational opportunities in America. 

Being a Mentor will present opportunities to use your skills to impact another. Mentors have the ability to provide guidance, offer homework assistance, encourage a youth's future, and to support their acclimation to their new surroundings. The Youth Mentors will meet one-on-one with their mentees. Mentors and Mentees can meet based on the mentees approved schedule.

If you are interested in being a Youth Mentor ...

  • Submit your Youth Mentoring Application
     (Program Coordinator) will contact you to set up an interview. 
     If selected, you will need to
  • Complete three one-hour VIRTUS trainings
  • Pass the VIRTUS Criminal Background Check.
  • Click "join" or "become a member" on this page. 
  • Submit the Give Pulse volunteer application. 
  • Pass the Sterling Volunteer Criminal Background Check 
  • YMP FBI Criminal Background Check
  • Onboarding Package
  • Mentor Orientation 

As a Youth Mentor you must ...

  • Meet with your mentee for a minimum of 10 times over 3 months.
  • Keep track of your meeting with your mentee in the meeting log
  • Maitain communication with program staff and update any progress. 

Program staff will provide a list of additional requirements & contact you upon clearance.

***Please note that our estimated clearance time can take up to two months***

Sign up today to be a powerful source of support and guidance through individual mentorship. 

For more information email us at

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My name is Maria L Martinez. I am a Colon and Rectal Surgeon. I work at San Antonio Colon and Rectal Surgery Clinic at 1200 Brooklyn Suite 150. I would love to be part of this program. Please let me know if and when I can help in any way. cell 210-909-9942. Thank you and God bless!
I just signed up for the mentoring program. My background is in teaching, I have mentored in the public schools, while working I taught at Oblate and other institutions and, now retired, I teach a Bible study group at St. Luke's Catholic Church. Please call me to set up a schedule. 210-493-7591
Thank you. Ed Alcott