2nd Milk Inc



Founded in 2015, 2ndMilk is a non-profit organization committed to saving the lives of malnourished and orphaned infants in Africa and around the globe. The organization is a sponsorship program where we deliver formula, food, blankets and bottles for babies each week, from birth through age 2. Our program continues through age 5, where nutrition and training is continually provided. If a child in our program becomes abandoned or orphaned, we partner with our Hague-approved adoption agency who facilitates international adoption. 2ndMilk also establishes farms which provide local protein and jobs in those communities, as well as nutrition to children in our program. The income from the chicken houses is used to send the children in our program to private, Christian schools. Our organization provides for the vulnerable and equips them with resources and knowledge to live a healthy life.
29 People | 73 Impacts | 2,704 Hours | 60,975 Total Economic Impact

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