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This group will be used as a contact list for when volunteers are needed for humanitarian relief. Please hit "become a member" and fill out the information if you would like to be considered on-call; we will contact you as needed and send updates when available.

Thank you for partnering with us!

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Retired US Diplomat, briefly worked on unaccompanied minors program, bilingual, English/Spanish, good working level Haitian Creole and French. Used to working with Federal Authorities.
Just heard on the news about the largest youth prison for teens separated at the border in Tornillo, TX
Supposed to have been a short term place but Trump admin has toughened up the requirements for them to be able to leave
Are you aware of this ‘shelter ‘?
Good morning!
Some volunteers are needed to help with immigration shelter is not needed on a regularly scheduled basis, but on an on-call basis and does usually occur after 5pm. If you're interested and would like more info, shoot me an email:

You do NOT need to be fully bilingual, very basic level of Spanish is sufficient as forms and such has the Spanish words.

-Jeffrey Huber, Humanitarian Relief Coordinator
Hi Jeffrey, I sent you an email — Lorraine Rose Lorraine Rose on November 16, 2018
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Hello All!
A need has come up for bilingual volunteers to potentially travel to El Paso in the coming days. Please follow the instructions in the description if you are available/interested and we will contact you as needed. Thanks!
I am not sure what capacity I will be able to assist, but will do my best in any way possible.