Humanitarian Crisis Relief Program


Welcome to the Humanitarian Crisis Relief page!

We provide dignity, love and care to the families whether passing through our city. We strive on meeting the needs of families whether it's to provide a safe place to sleep or a moment of happiness on a difficult journey to peace. 

To get involved, please select "become a member" or "Join" and fill out the volunteer application.

We are currently providing Migrant Relief Assistance

 Please note that three free online interactive trainings & a criminal background check are required in order to serve with us. Must be 21+ Years of age. 

Thank you for helping us help others. 

If you'd like to sign up as a group please email 

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I am going through the process of figuring out how to volunteer for the helping the migrant kids at Freeman. I did the training, and filled out every screen that presented itself. I remain uncertain what to do next. I didn't see a click for a criminal background check - is that being done using my license? also, not sure where to click to express interest in volunteering for this precise group - any help with getting me a few steps forward would be appreciated. I'm speak Spanish well, hoping that is a plus. Thank you!
For myself, it took a few days to get to this point. I just rec'd an email this AM that I am now able to volunteer for different svcs needed. Give it another day or you can also contact the admin. — jina gaytan jina gaytan on April 13, 2021
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I am available and am bilingual, I speak both Spanish and English.
I would like to help with French translation if necessary --I teach French at Schreiner
Thank you for helping these families & helping to obey the bible on how to treat foreigners in our country. Had a wreck recently & can't go, but if you have any adult in transition that needs a roof while they transition or find a job & their own place, I have a tinny room in my single wide where I keep my sons service uniforms & my old Border Patrol ones. If you find someone who is ok with a twin mattress & 3 inside dogs. There is a bus 2 blocks from here if they wish to get out & abouts. There is internet service so they can communicate with family or friends. My email is:
Please contact me when you need help
Contact me when you need help.
Please let me know if you need assistance today, July 24, 2018.
Will help in any areas that are needed. Am available after 2:00 p.m. Am fluent in E/S.
I am available on sundays to help with migrant children
I am also available every weekday after 5pm and any time on weekends. I am fluent in both E&S.Please let me know how I can help.