Refugee Match Grant Program


🌟 Embark on a Journey of Compassion: Volunteer with Refugee Resettlement's Match Grant Program! 🌍🤝

Join us in extending a warm welcome to our refugee brothers and sisters, offering them a chance to rebuild their lives with dignity, safety, and peace. We invite you to be a crucial part of our transformative Match Grant Program!

About the Match Grant Program:

The Match Grant Program is a lifeline for newly arrived refugees, providing direct assistance, employment opportunities, medical support, case management, interpretation, and transportation during their crucial initial 240 days in the U.S. We take pride in our successful resettlement program, helping refugees achieve early self-sufficiency within six months of arrival.

Your Impact as a Volunteer:

✨ Direct Assistance: Your time and dedication directly benefit families and the case workers supporting them on their journey to self-sufficiency.

Supporting Sustainability: Every hour you volunteer contributes to the success of the Match Grant program, ensuring it continues to thrive and assist future families for another year.

Why Volunteer with Us?

🌈 Make a Lasting Impact: Your efforts directly contribute to the renewal of lives, providing safety and dignity to those who have endured years of suffering.

🌐 Multiplier Effect: By volunteering now, you create a ripple effect that supports not only current families but paves the way for the success of future families through the "match grant" program.

🤗 Community of Compassion: Join a community of compassionate individuals dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of refugees.

How to Get Involved:

Ready to be a beacon of hope in someone's life? Register for one of our volunteer opportunities below!

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