Caritas Legal Services


Caritas Legal Services provides legal aid to low-income and immigrant families as well as those who are victims of crime, domestic violence and human trafficking.

Volunteer opportunities exist to provide assistance with court monitoring, guardianship and immigration assistance services.

Anyone interested in volunteering must:
  • Click "become a member" on this page and fill out the volunteer application.
  • Create an account on 
  • Complete 3 trainings (on Virtus)
  • Pass a Criminal Background Check (on Virtus)

Once trainings are complete, or if you have any questions, please call Stephanie Jaramillo, Volunteer Coordinator @ 210-983-0813.
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My daughter is completing her first year of law school at St. Mary’s. She would be very interested in volunteering especially over the summer. Could she contribute to your most worthy organization? We are members at Hoky Trinity.