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Mexican American Student Association


Mission Statement Our goals include encouraging cultural pride and social consciousness, adopting decolonial practices, and fostering political awareness and community activism among the Mexican American, Chicanx, Latinx, and Mestizx and other marginalized groups in the student body at Texas A&M University - San Antonio. We will achieve these goals by honoring the social, cultural, historical, and academic accomplishments of fellow Mexican@s, Chican@s, Latinx, and Mestiz@s & marginalized groups in the United States and beyond. Through the exchange of ideas, methods, and strategies between first generation college students, allies, faculty, alumni, and community members, we aim to develop within ourselves leadership abilities and promote social responsibility. These tools are essential and transformative for students. By documenting and sharing our culture, stories, art, and histories, we create bridges between all people of all cultures. We recognize our interconnectedness as we educate and empower each other.
11 People | 3 Impacts | 9 Hours