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Community Corps - College Advising Corps - SAT Prep


The College Advising Corps SAT Prep Program is a free program run through the College Advising Corps with Brown student volunteers, intended for junior and senior high school students from families who cannot afford the expenses of paid tutoring options. These tutoring partnerships are meant to help students build the confidence and skills to perform well on the SAT, as well as offer advice on navigating the college process. College Advising Corps SAT Prep is a group tutoring program. It is located throughout Providence-area high schools and will have an "e-learning" component for students not at our partner high schools.

The classroom program is a series of initiatives spread out around the Providence area. Pairs of Brown student tutors teach a 6-to-8 week SAT course after school in a classroom setting. These classes are sequential and are predicated upon a partnership with the high school, involving a point person who can recruit and coordinate a space for our tutors. As of Fall 2018, we expect to be in at least 10 Providence-area high schools. As our locations are confirmed, we will be updating this description to include high schools that our classroom program currently serves.

The program has recently shifted from offering both individual and group tutoring to offering only group tutoring. Students at our partner schools will be able to work with our trained Brown student volunteers twice per week. We would like to provide as much opportunity for interested students to receive SAT Prep as possible, so we will be offering a link to an e-learning videochat session (dates and times are not currently confirmed). This means that students who are not at our partner high schools will still be able to access CAC SAT Prep. Our e-learning program is intended to provide a wide reach to interested students in Providence. We will be updating this description with a link once the days and times of the program are confirmed.

For more information on either program, once again, please reach out to our current program liaisons, Connor Sullivan ( and Eric Kim ( 

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