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Campus Services


Campus Services serves The University of Texas at San Antonio through parking, The 'Runner, UTSACard, UTSA Dining, the Rowdy Campus Store, and vending. Our mission is to enhance the campus experience by providing resources to support university goals and individual success outside the classroom.
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596 People | 332 Impacts | 1,035 Hours | 25,876 Total Economic Impact

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How am I supposed to complete Hours when there is no upcoming events? Do we do hours with another group?
I need to pay off my citations and there aren't any events. The heck.
looking for any events and haven't seen anything I'm trying to pay off my citations.
I’m trying to find an even I can volunteer for so I can pay for my citation but I can’t find any
Hi Michael, Please go to the main page,, and click on the events button. You can then click on the calendar icon for a convenient listing of events. — UTSA Campus Services UTSA Campus Services on September 27, 2019
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I have registered for may hours in regards to paying off my citations, however I could not find any listed under this subgroup.
my name is Gabe Duran, #01586301 or PGT921

Highly Appreciated,

Gabe D.
Are there any events I can volunteer at to pay for my parking citation?
Are there any events I can volunteer at to pay for my parking citation?
Azzurra, Thank you for joining the Campus Services page. To sign up for volunteer hours, please go to the UTSA Engaged page and click on Community Partners. Select from the organization listed to volunteer with. ( Any issues or questions with UTSA Engaged, please call them at (210) 458-2277 or email them at Nathan — UTSA Campus Services UTSA Campus Services on November 26, 2018
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