PSU Food Pantry

Friday, July 26th, 2019 from 5:00am to Tuesday, June 30th, 2020 5:00pm (PT)
Gia Hoang Nguyen
Yun-Chu Huang

PSU food pantry is a wonderful resource for all the students who enroll in the current school year, and a place where I have always wanted to know more about. Today we unloaded food for two days and set them on the shelf to get ready for students coming to shop today. The environment in the pantry was really friendly and everyone who works there treats us kindly. It was the first time for me to know how there are so many things, including budgeting, food run, and schedule, to plan for the opening every weekday.

2. 11/13 [9:15-11:15 am] Because of a meeting I have on Friday, I changed the schedule to come in on Wednesday. It’s another day with a pretty big load of stocks. I felt like getting more and more evolve in interacting with other volunteers, and can actually know what to help with. There is a parent with a child who came in and I was so happy to see that PSU has provided such a good resource for those students who are deeply in need!

Looking forward to my next volunteering!

3. 11/22/2019 [9:30-11:30am]
It's a week before Thanksgiving, so we got a lot of donations such as pies, stuffings, jams, and potatoes. Since I have been volunteering on Wednesdays, it was fun working in the pantry today with a different team who are also really nice. We took appointments today after stocking the food on the shelves as well! Also, there is a volunteer retreat party later today which is really nice of them to that too.

The pantry will not open next week so I will be back the week after.

4. It's my fourth time volunteering here and I still like it so much to work with all the people here! Today we got a smaller load than all my previous ones so it did not cost us to much time to complete the unloading process. However, we did have egg duty for today but we made a good team and utilize station work to get the work done efficiently. We also repacked all the beans and chocolate chips that came in huge bags. Overall, we had a great time talking to each other. Looking forward to coming back again next week before the break!

5. Last volunteering before the break! Since the pantry will not open next week, we did not get a delivery from the food bank today. However, we still got some donations from Green Zebra. Also, we sorted the big bag of rice and repackaged it to smaller bags so that more customers(students) could have it. During volunteering today, I learned about how the Capstone, Food & Society is about and found it interesting. Hope to come back again next term!

Gave 10.50 hours between 11/06/2019 and 06/30/2020 with Portland State University, PSU School of Business Honors Program