Earth Week 2021: EcoHunt

Sunday, April 18th from 12:01am to Saturday, April 24th, 2021 5:00pm (MT)
This has ended. If you attended, let the organizer know by recording your Impact!


USU EcoHunt 2021

Thanks for joining the Sustainability Office for the 2021 EcoHunt! The competition rules are as follows:

The competition runs from Friday, April 18th at 12:01 am through Thursday , April 22 at 5:00 pm

  • Each person must create a unique instagram account - make your account handle your name or something related

  • Individuals get points for posting photos or videos completing challenges on instagram

  • Each photo/video must include the 2021 indicator item (show the hashtag #ecohunt2021 on a slip of paper in pictures) 

  • You must include #2021EcoHunt and the hashtag of the unique challenge on your Instagram post

  • Each account must follow @usuecohunt on instagram & tag @usuecohunt in ALL of your posts

2020 EcoHunt Challenges 

Attendance at Earth Day Events (3 point each)

Throughout the week

  • Participate in the daily Instagram trivia (2 points each)



Wednesday, April 15th

Thursday, April 16th

  • Join Painting with Sage livestream

Friday, April 17th

  • Join the Netflix Movie Night

  • Join the Kahoot match

Saturday, April 18th

Sunday, April 19th

  • Join the Instagram Yoga livestream

Monday, April 20th

  • Join the Kahoot match

Tuesday, April 21st

  • Join Sauteing the Summer livestream

Wednesday, April 22nd

  • Join the Final Kahoot match

Additional Challenges to Complete throughout the Week

1 Point Each

#EH12 - Recycle - Recycle a plastic bottle or aluminum can

#EH13 - Clean it up! - Pick up and properly dispose of a piece of trash

#EH14 - Idle-Free - Find an idle-free sign

#EH16 - Green bag - Use reusable grocery bags at the store (or take a flashy picture of it!)

#EH19 - Lights out - Turn off a light

#EH20 - Dance Party! - Dance outside (make sure to maintain 6 feet from others!)

#EH21 - Native flower - Find and identify a native flower to your area

#EH23 - Clean plate club - Clean your plate, no food waste!

#EH26 - Just hanging around - Go hammocking

#EH27 - Lumberjack - Take a photo with the NR lumberjack

#EH29 - Just swinging - Find and use a rope swing (hint: Second Dam)

#EH30 - Batteries - Recycle your batteries at a battery drop-off

#EH31 - Bag recycle - Recycle plastic bags at a grocery store

#EH32 - Namaste - Do a yoga pose or handstand on public land

#EH33 - Sunset - Watch a sunset on public land

#EH35 - Plants! - Plant something (in the ground or in a pot)

#EH36 - BGG - Follow USU Blue Goes Green on facebook

#EH - BGG Instagram - Follow USU Sustainability @ususustainability on Instagram

#EH - Sus Club - Follow USU Sustainability Club @sustainabilityclub.usu on Instagram

#EH37 - Extension - Follow USU Extension Sustainability on facebook

#EH38 - Newsletter - Sign up for the USU Sustainability Council newsletter

#EH - UNPS - Follow the "Utah Native Plant Society - Cache Valley Chapter" on Facebook.

#EH40 - Skeptics - Learn about your carbon footprint at

#EH41 - Tree hugger - Give a tree a hug

#EH42 - Log roll - Roll down a local hill

#EH43 - Tree climber - Climb a tree

#EH44 - Gas-free - Take a picture with an electric vehicle

#EH45 - Travel Smarter - Create a profile on TravelWise

#EH46 - Respect Nature - Take a picture with a cool rock or flower instead of picking it

#EH47 - Birdie! - Identify and photograph a bird

#EH48 - Spread the word - Talk about a sustainability grant idea with someone

#EH49 - Get engaged - Register for USU GivePulse and learn about service opportunities

#EH50 - Blue Goes Green - Find a Blue Goes Green or Sustainability grant project and take a picture with it - 1 point each, up to 5 pts

#EH51 - Reusable Straw - Use a reusable straw for take-out drinks, or don’t get a straw when buying a soda

#EH52 - Bridge - Find a bridge over a local body of water 

#EH53 - Pack it out - Pack out waste

#EH54 - Wilderness - Take a picture with an “Entering Wilderness” sign

#EH55 - Wildlife - Respect wildlife from a distance

#EH56 - Map it out - Plan an outdoors trip with a map (physical or virtual)

#EH - Space to Reuse - Show off your reusable containers

#EH - Virtual Knowledge - Check out a book or magazine or audiobook online

#EH108 - Zip-Clean -Wash out and reuse a ziploc bag or other single-use disposable item

#EH - Tell someone about where they can recycle glass in your area.

#EH69 - Pedestrian - Take a walk

#EH - Recycle - Sort your recycling

2 Points Each

#EH97 - Tailor - Patch a torn piece of clothing

#EH57 - Active transport - Show off a picture of your bike, skateboard, longboard, or rollerblades

#EH58 - Vegetarian - Make a vegetarian meal

#EH59 - Local - Buy something at a local business online

#EH60 - Air dry - Air dry clothes instead of using a drying machine

#EH61 - Vintage - Buy second hand clothes online or upcycle currently owned clothes

#EH63 - Donate - Make a monetary or in-kind donation to a local charity

#EH65 - Where’s the popcorn? - Watch an environmental documentary

#EH - Page Flipper - Read a book about the environment

#EH67 - Green graffiti - Use chalk to write out an Earth Day message

#EH68 - Sunrise - Watch a sunrise on public land

#EH70 - Kite - Fly a kite

#EH77 - Pick it up - Collect a grocery bag of litter to pack out from a hike

#EH103 - Cairn - See how high you can make a stack of rocks

#EH111 - Green Wash Check-In - Post on one of your favorite company’s social media pages to ask what they’re doing to promote more sustainable practices

#EH114 - Instagram Riot - Start a discussion on social media about non-motorized transportation

#EH - Your Friendly Neighborhood Nature Center - Visit Stokes Nature Center up Logan Canyon

#EH110 - Wipe it Up - Instead of using a paper towel to clean up a spill, use a reusable towel (one idea is to cut up an old t-shirt to use for kitchen spills)

#EH99 - Email the Sustainability Grant intern about an idea you have for a Student Sustainability Grant for next Fall

3 Points Each

#EH76 - Idle-free Part 2 - Tell someone that is idling about USU or Logan City’s Idle-Free policy

#EH80 - LNT - Build a Leave No Trace tarp fire

#EH82 - Vegan - Make a vegan meal

#EH83 - Getting High - Summit a mountain peak!

#EH84 - Being Active - Go climbing or bouldering outside, mountain biking, slacklining, or trail running

#EH85 - Submerge - Take a dip in a natural body of water

#EH86 - Cut Your Plastic Footprint - Make your own toothpaste, facewash, shampoo, hand sanitizer or makeup and store it in a reusable container

#EH87 - Love your canyons - Go hiking in a local canyon

#EH88 - Refuge - Visit a local Wildlife Refuge

#EH90 - Birds and Bees - Build a native bee box or bird feeder and put it in a tree

#EH91 - Edible? - Research and find an edible native plant in your area, then eat it!

#EH107 - Green Capitalism - Find an annual sustainability report for one of your favorite companies

#EH113 - LEED The Way -Research and locate a local LEED certified building (don’t need to visit in person)

#EH - The Market Speaks - Write a polite email or letter to a business in Logan asking them to discontinue their use of plastic bags or straws.

#EH - Public Citizen - Attend a virtual Logan City Council meeting

#EH - LNT - Complete the online awareness training of Leave No Trace and send a picture of the certificate, 

#EH - Sew a face mask out of repurposed material - instructions here

#EH - Green Thumb - Regrow eaten vegetables

5 points Each

#EH93 - Green Team - Convince one of your professors to join the Green Office program

#EH95 - See the Stars - Tent, hammock, or bivy camp overnight in public lands

#EH109 - Educate the Public - Prepare and present a powerpoint about sustainability to people you’re living with or over teleconferencing

#EH115 - Fort Awesome - Build an outdoor fort out of all natural materials collected without harming any native plants

#EH - Feeling Wormy - Start a compost pile on your property

#EH - Make a Zero-Waste meal, using all the parts of your ingredients

#EH - Make Your Voice Heard - Write or call your representative in support of a bill related to environmental/energy issues. Find your representative at:, Click "My Legislators", and enter your address.

#EH - Plant and germinate a plant seed (must take pictures of planting seed and successful sprout)

0 Remaining
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