Reading a Children’s Book for All-Stars

Monday, April 19th from 9:00am to Friday, April 23rd, 2021 6:00pm (MT)
This has ended. If you attended, let the organizer know by recording your Impact!


Volunteers will video record themselves reading their favorite children's book to our All-Stars with developmental disabilities. All-Stars Club will share these videos as an online resource that our All-Stars can enjoy from home, while many are still faced with isolation due to the pandemic. These videos will serve as a connection and a source of entertainment while All-Stars are at home. Selected books can range up to a 6th grade level.


  1. Choose your favorite children’s book (up to a 6th grade level).
  2. Using your phone or computer camera, start recording! Try to find a quiet room where the audio will be the most clear.
  3. Kick your video off by introducing yourself, sharing a fun fact about yourself, and why you chose the book you will be reading. Remember that this video will be viewed by All-Stars with developmental disabilities when they’re hanging out at home, so make your videos fun!
  4. While recording, read through the children’s book. Feel free to ask questions or try to make the video interactive.
Once you’re finished reading your book, you can start reading another book or sign off however you’d like! We encourage you to make as many videos as you’d like! Don’t stop after just one!

When you have your video recording completed, submit your video(s) using this link: If your video is too large to submit through this form, email for a separate submission link. If you created more than one video, resubmit the form for each video upload.

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