Rock Steady Boxing

Friday, January 10th from 10:30am to Friday, May 1st, 2020 6:30pm


Rock Steady Boxing offers boxing-inspired fitness classes only to people with Parkinson’s disease. Volunteers will be assigned to classes as needed. 


Monday - Thursday 10:30am to 12:15pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5pm - 6:45pm

Gym Responsibilities

·         Arrive 15 minutes prior to class to help Coaches and PD boxers prepare for class.

·         Check in with RSB Coaches to identify any special needs during class, which may include:


-          Explaining modifications for exercises

-          Making sure PD boxers are staying properly hydrated

-          Watching for signs of low blood pressure, dizziness, overheating

-          Watching and listening for signs of depression

-          Being compassionate and fully present during class

-          Being a good listener

-          Leaving personal problems outside the gym


·         Set up as “head coach” if the head coach needs to step aside.

·         Keep a firm “tough love” attitude – keep the morale of classes positive.

·         Assist PD boxers in wrapping hands prior to class.

·         Assist PD boxers with putting on boxing gloves during class.

·         Assist PD boxers who need assistance getting up and down off the floor (but always encourage and teach independent-techniques first.)

·         At the completion of class, volunteers are expected to assist with set-up and take-down of equipment, and the cleaning the gym:


-          Disinfect all heavy bags and speed bags (after final class of the day)

-          Put “toys” away

-          Organize boxing gloves

-          Throw away empty water bottles

-          Look for “Lost and Found” items in gym and Cornerman Lounge

-          Dump out water trays in water machines


·         Any other volunteer duties as assigned.

For more information, visit 
Rock Steady Boxing.

Please contact Nick Baldelli-Boggs @ to get started!
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