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UAB Benevolent Fund Field Trip Friday

Friday, January 17th to Friday, May 15th, 2020


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Registration ClosesFeb 14, 2020 12:50pm or when space runs out.
This is an opportunity for Council Members to visit the local nonprofits that we assist. The field trips will take place on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at various times. We are so excited that the organizations have agreed to allow us an opportunity to come and see how our dollars are being put to work.
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9:00am (CT)10:00am (CT)
1135 14th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35205
One Place is a collaboration between the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office, City of Birmingham-Birmingham-Police...3/10Closed
11:00am (CT)12:00pm (CT)
107 Waler Davis Dr
Birmingham, AL 35209
MMB collects, processes and facilitates distribution of excess mothers' milk to provide nourishment to babies...1/10Closed

1:00pm (CT)2:00pm (CT)
135 Gemini Cir
Birmingham, AL 35215
SSV serves and honors Veterans and their families through connections to fulfilling careers, benefits and...1/10Closed

9:00am (CT)10:00am (CT)
4915 5th Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35222
Bib & Tucker provides skills and community for individuals who sew or want to sew....3/10Closed
11:30am (CT)12:30pm (CT)
701 25th ST N
Birmingham, AL 35203
JVTF encourages academic exploration and achievement through food, farming, and the culinary art, making learning...2/10Closed

10:00am (CT)11:00am (CT)
1755 Oxmoor Road (Corner of Oxmoor and 18th)
Birmingham, AL 35209
Assistance League assists communities and families in need, to flourish through community programs.2/10Closed
1:00pm (CT)2:00pm (CT)
301 19th St N
Birmingham, AL 35203
RMT serves as Birmingham's place for high-quality performing arts programming to create powerful theatre experiences...3/10Closed

3:00pm (CT)4:00pm (CT)
1215 Woodward Dr
Indian Springs, AL 35124
Special Equestrians helps individuals with disabilities one stride at a time by offering an opportunity...3/10Closed

8:00am (CT)9:00am (CT)
102-B Croft St
Laurel, AL 35242
CRK protects, promotes, and restores the Coosa River. Four programs were created to engage the...1/10Closed

2:00pm (CT)3:00pm (CT)
1715 27th Ct S
Birmingham, AL 35209
The Dance Foundation is one of our nonprofits that are supported by employee donations. This...3/10Over

9:00am (CT)10:00am (CT)
4911 Farrell Avenue
Fairfield, AL 35064
Grace House provides stable homes for girls in foster care. They have a total of...4/10Over
11:00am (CT)12:00pm (CT)
4447 Montevallo Rd
Mountain Brook, AL 35213
Preschool Partners has provided transformational skills to undeserved families to ensure kindergarten and school readiness,...4/10Over

3:00am (CT)4:00pm (CT)
1541 Cooper Hill RD
Birmingham, AL 35210
ACE creates, implements, and advocates for programming that encourages social and emotional growth as well...4/10Over