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Open Opportunity


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We are looking for volunteers willing to give one hour (or more if you like) each week to visit with hospice patients!

As a hospice volunteer you may be asked to:
Read with a patient
Watch TV/Movie
Sing/play music
Play games or solve puzzles

We match you with a patient within a 15 minute drive of your location and partner you with a patient you can build a relationship, some patients may force feed you cookies, others will share amazing stories of their travels, some are veterans who fought for our country, but they are all unique individuals with stories of amazing lives.

We would love to join us in the privilege of serving a hospice patient and their family. It is amazing how such a small amount of time can have a domino effect of love and kindness to others. 

Feel free to get in touch to learn more! Volunteer Coordinator Cindy Pullin at 

You can ask for more information at 
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Location: 211 Elmhurst, Suite D, Kyle, TX 78640